Platformy informatyczne jako baza dla zintegrowanych programów symulacyjnych w procesach dydaktycznych

IT platform as a base technology for integrated advanced education and simulation processes

  • Janusz Dyduch Uniwersytet Technologiczno-Humanistyczny w Radomiu, Wydział Transportu, Elektrotechniki i Informatyki
  • Jerzy Dubiński
Keywords: IT PLATFORMS, virtual reality, virtual education, Dyduch, Dubinski


Technology of IT PLATFORM is one of the best IT technologies dedicated for education and simulation processes. IT PLATFORMS allowed for technical and analytic simulations. This is modern and very advance IT instrument for technicians, engineers and managers. IT PLATFORMS work in VIRTUAL ERALITY 3D space giving us new opportunities for education processes.

IT PLTAFORMS it is futures technology for managers, engineers, technicians and administrators.


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